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Why Irish Dance Dresses


I have been an artist since I could hold a crayon, and got A's in art since kindergarden.

My grandma taught me to sew in grade school, and I started designing and making clothes in Jr. High for my friends and I.

At the time I was moving from San Diego, to Texas, Riverdance was just coming out

and that is when my life changed.

Leaving the city and landing in a small oil town, the nearest Irish dance school was 7 hours away. So, Colin Dunne and Olive Hurley taught me to dance. I was a dancer since I was 5, and picked it up and did well. I danced for 8 years, formed a group and entertained at many functions in our community. I made all the costumes, and after seeing solo dresses, I knew I had to make this art. I love creating, and sewing so this was a dream.

I am also a photographer and specialize in Glamour and fantasy portraits.

My style is gothic gypsy, favorite designers are Betsey Johnson, Alexander McQueen, and MacKenzie Childs.

I never made it to NY to be an artist, but this is the next best thing, I've made a lot of dresses for people that live in NY.   :-)



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